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 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
 * under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
 * Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
 * option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
 * ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
 * FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
 * more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
 * with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
#include <G3D/HashTrait.h>
#include <G3D/Vector3.h>
#include <G3D/AABox.h>
#include <G3D/Ray.h>
#include "BoundingIntervalHierarchy.h"
#include "Define.h"
namespace VMAP
    class TreeNode;
    struct AreaInfo;
    struct LocationInfo;
    enum class ModelIgnoreFlags : uint32;
    class TC_COMMON_API MeshTriangle
            MeshTriangle() : idx0(0), idx1(0), idx2(0) { }
            MeshTriangle(uint32 na, uint32 nb, uint32 nc): idx0(na), idx1(nb), idx2(nc) { }
            uint32 idx0;
            uint32 idx1;
            uint32 idx2;
    class TC_COMMON_API WmoLiquid
            WmoLiquid(uint32 width, uint32 height, G3D::Vector3 const& corner, uint32 type);
            WmoLiquid(WmoLiquid const& other);
            WmoLiquid& operator=(WmoLiquid const& other);
            bool GetLiquidHeight(G3D::Vector3 const& pos, float& liqHeight) const;
            uint32 GetType() const { return iType; }
            float *GetHeightStorage() { return iHeight; }
            uint8 *GetFlagsStorage() { return iFlags; }
            uint32 GetFileSize();
            bool writeToFile(FILE* wf);
            static bool readFromFile(FILE* rf, WmoLiquid* &liquid);
            void getPosInfo(uint32 &tilesX, uint32 &tilesY, G3D::Vector3 &corner) const;
            WmoLiquid() : iTilesX(0), iTilesY(0), iCorner(), iType(0), iHeight(nullptr), iFlags(nullptr) { }
            uint32 iTilesX;       //!< number of tiles in x direction, each
            uint32 iTilesY;
            G3D::Vector3 iCorner; //!< the lower corner
            uint32 iType;         //!< liquid type
            float *iHeight;       //!< (tilesX + 1)*(tilesY + 1) height values
            uint8 *iFlags;        //!< info if liquid tile is used
    /*! holding additional info for WMO group files */
    class TC_COMMON_API GroupModel
            GroupModel() : iBound(), iMogpFlags(0), iGroupWMOID(0), iLiquid(nullptr) { }
            GroupModel(GroupModel const& other);
            GroupModel(uint32 mogpFlags, uint32 groupWMOID, G3D::AABox const& bound):
                        iBound(bound), iMogpFlags(mogpFlags), iGroupWMOID(groupWMOID), iLiquid(nullptr) { }
            ~GroupModel() { delete iLiquid; }
            //! pass mesh data to object and create BIH. Passed vectors get get swapped with old geometry!
            void setMeshData(std::vector<G3D::Vector3> &vert, std::vector<MeshTriangle> &tri);
            void setLiquidData(WmoLiquid*& liquid) { iLiquid = liquid; liquid = nullptr; }
            bool IntersectRay(const G3D::Ray &ray, float &distance, bool stopAtFirstHit) const;
            bool IsInsideObject(const G3D::Vector3 &pos, const G3D::Vector3 &down, float &z_dist) const;
            bool GetLiquidLevel(const G3D::Vector3 &pos, float &liqHeight) const;
            uint32 GetLiquidType() const;
            bool writeToFile(FILE* wf);
            bool readFromFile(FILE* rf);
            const G3D::AABox& GetBound() const { return iBound; }
            uint32 GetMogpFlags() const { return iMogpFlags; }
            uint32 GetWmoID() const { return iGroupWMOID; }
            void getMeshData(std::vector<G3D::Vector3>& outVertices, std::vector<MeshTriangle>& outTriangles, WmoLiquid*& liquid);
            G3D::AABox iBound;
            uint32 iMogpFlags;// 0x8 outdor; 0x2000 indoor
            uint32 iGroupWMOID;
            std::vector<G3D::Vector3> vertices;
            std::vector<MeshTriangle> triangles;
            BIH meshTree;
            WmoLiquid* iLiquid;
    /*! Holds a model (converted M2 or WMO) in its original coordinate space */
    class TC_COMMON_API WorldModel
            WorldModel(): Flags(0), RootWMOID(0) { }
            //! pass group models to WorldModel and create BIH. Passed vector is swapped with old geometry!
            void setGroupModels(std::vector<GroupModel> &models);
            void setRootWmoID(uint32 id) { RootWMOID = id; }
            bool IntersectRay(const G3D::Ray &ray, float &distance, bool stopAtFirstHit, ModelIgnoreFlags ignoreFlags) const;
            bool IntersectPoint(const G3D::Vector3 &p, const G3D::Vector3 &down, float &dist, AreaInfo &info) const;
            bool GetLocationInfo(const G3D::Vector3 &p, const G3D::Vector3 &down, float &dist, LocationInfo &info) const;
            bool writeFile(const std::string &filename);
            bool readFile(const std::string &filename);
            void getGroupModels(std::vector<GroupModel>& outGroupModels);
            uint32 Flags;
            uint32 RootWMOID;
            std::vector<GroupModel> groupModels;
            BIH groupTree;
} // namespace VMAP
#endif // _WORLDMODEL_H

V690 The 'GroupModel' class implements a copy constructor, but lacks the copy assignment operator. It is dangerous to use such a class.